With cupping you can stimulate the blood- and lymphcirculation, release blockades and muscle tensions.
Even stimulation of organs is possible by treating the organ zone areas. Also the body's immune system is stimulated and strengthened.
To better the effect one can use oil on the skin.
The cupping glasses are placed on the body for 5 - 10 minutes. It is also possible to give a massage with the glasses.
Can be combined with other treatments.
Ear acupuncture
One or more acupuncture needles are placed in areas of the ear wich are related to a specific organ or body function. 
Can be useful for a number of acute and chronical disorders.
Can be combined with other treatments.
Foot reflexology
With foot reflexology one can stimulate certain spots (mostly) under your feet to activate the body's selfhealing abilities.
The ruling principle is that every part of the body has a related area under the feet.
Can be useful for a number of acute and chronical disorders.
Homotoxicology (studies of the effect of toxic substances on the human body) is building a bridge from conventionell medicine to homeopathy.
The homeopathic principle "lignende helbreder lignende" is also used here.
Unlike the classical homeopathy there are several potencies of one substance and partly several substances in one remedy.
This can be useful for e.g. detoxify the body and stimulate the body's selfhealing abilities.
Herbal medicine
Here the active substanses of the plants/herbs ar used. It is used in form of e.g. tea, compresses or capsules. Can be useful for problems withe the respiratory tract, digestive system, infections or inflammation.
ear acupuncture
foot reflexology
herbal medicine